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BoaVida always puts investors first. Investors get paid first with transactions structured as preferred shares or units. The preferred return for investors means 100 percent of the income remaining after overhead is returned to investors first until all of their original investment is returned. Only after the investors’ original investments are returned does the company participate in the split of profits.

The principals of BoaVida put their money where their mouths are, always investing their own capital alongside investors.

The company culture is built on sharing opportunity with employees. Key team members have opportunities to share in the profits of the projects in which they are directly involved, making investor success their success and giving them an opportunity to build personal wealth.

The principals of BoaVida understand the downside and do not take unnecessary risks, with the goal of having a clear path to creating value within a five-year period while investing for the long-term.

  • We always put our investors first
  • We put our money where our mouth is
  • We spread opportunity within the company
  • We understand the downside and don’t take unnecessary risks
  • We follow the 11th commandment — do not take thyself too seriously