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“BoaVida” is the “good life” and the group of companies operate as fully integrated owners and operators of good life oriented properties consisting primarily of mobile home communities and recreational vehicle resorts and campgrounds. The business model is to lease the land to residents who place mobile homes, cottages, cabins or RVs either permanently or on a long- or short-term basis.  This model creates low maintenance cost and low customer turnover.  The properties attract families, retirees, vacationers and working professionals while providing a low cost of home ownership.

Mobile Home Communities

Today’s residents are seeking two things delivered by the communities: lifestyle offerings and affordable living. The properties cater to a mix of baby boomers and families in both urban and rural areas. The high cost of home ownership provides a significant tail wind for populating the properties.

RV Parks and Resorts

The demand in the RV business is even more impressive. The trend is toward millennials as the driving force in the business.  There are now approximately nine million RVers that compete for 1.5 million RV sites in the United States. Even as RV deliveries set all-time records, up 75 percent over the past five years, the number of RV parks and resorts is stagnant. This leaves opportunity for RV park owners to increase occupancy and revenue.

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